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Trusted and Prompt Auto Repair Services in Calgary SE

If your car is behaving strangely or making odd noises, you should get your car checked by a professional mechanic. At JVW Auto Repair, we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians who can give you prompt and efficient auto repair services in Calgary SE. Be it a poorly functioning brake, or a broken exhaust system, our licensed technicians can fix them all. Contact us today. We give you quality services at competitive prices.


You can trust us for:

Charging, replacing, and offering other services related to batteries

Repairing various kinds of brakes such as emergency, power, ABS, disc and drum, and truck brakes

Repairing the radiator, water pump, thermostat of the cooling system

Taking care of the mufflers, manifolds and kore of the exhaust system

Checking the car frame, engine, body and giving repairs for pre-purchase inspections

Repairing the steering and the suspension of the vehicle by shock replacement, centering steering wheel and more

Improving the wheel alignment caused by worn out tires, this in turn makes the overall ride better

Along with repair services, you can also bring your vehicle for periodic maintenance. Regular maintenance will increase the lifespan, prevent a sudden breakdown, prevent unnecessary cost, and increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

We offer a lifetime warranty on brake pads/shoes. Call or visit us today.


Along with charging, we can also replace and provide services related to batteries.

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