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Muffler and Exhaust Repair in Calgary SE

JVW Auto Repair offers professional muffler and exhaust repair services in Calgary SE. Servicing the mufflers and exhaust system of the vehicle will not only make your car/truck run smoothly but will also decrease the adverse impact of the vehicle on the environment.


The make and model of the vehicle will greatly affect the cost of replacing and repairing its exhaust. But more than that a well-maintained exhaust is more cost-effective, as it makes the engine quieter and more efficient, along with making routing the exhaust fumes away from the cabin.


Below are some of the points you should keep an eye on:

1. Failing Catalytic Converter
The catalytic converter can be one of the most expensive parts of the exhaust system, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. This can also be liable to theft in some trucks and SUVs. When a catalytic converter is missing in the exhaust system it can be distinguished by a loud noise and reduced information on ignition. But if the catalytic convertor is intact but is non-functional, it creates a sound similar to a box of stones being shaken, when the car stops. If you notice such warning signs, get in touch with a licensed garage at the earliest.


2. Vibrations While Driving
If you experience your vehicle vibrating or it loses power while you’re driving, you need to get the exhaust of your car checked. You can notice this prominently on the foot pedals, automobile chair or the steering wheel. The intensity of the vibration and the level of noise are dependent on the size of the area. Leads, holes, or disconnected exhausts might not cause vibrations but can signal that the engine of your vehicle is not at its peak efficiency.


3. Reduced Fuel Efficiency
Has the frequency of refuelling your vehicle increased? This is a sign to get your exhaust or muffler checked at a repair shop. Reduced fuel efficiency might be an indication of malfunctioning muffler and exhaust system. As, when the exhaust leaks, there will be more pressure on the engine, which will lead to more fuel requirements.


4. Increased Noise While Driving
Do you hear rumbling sounds in your vehicle while driving? If yes, you should get your truck, car or SUV checked immediately. Some drivers increase the volume of the radio and ignore the noise, but this isn’t a solution. Get your vehicle repaired at the earliest as it will be more cost-effective and will not affect the machine very adversely. If you continue driving with a bad or leaky catalytic converter, it can also destroy other components.

If you are noticing any of the symptoms in your vehicle, contact us.


Your vehicle might need a muffler or exhaust repair.

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