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Some Tips to Repair Your Automobile

Be it for your business or family, your vehicle is very important for you. If the car breaks down it might halt your day to day activities. Therefore, taking care of your car and maintaining it regularly is an important task. At JVW Auto Repair, we can help you with professional auto repair and service in Calgary SE.

Certain myths are considered with car care. Like, you should change the engine oil of your vehicle every 3,000 miles, or the brake fluid levels should be topped off to fix the low brake fluid levels and many more. But, we believe that accurate information about your car can help you keep your car in good condition, as well as retain its resale value and prevent breakdowns that are not cost-effective to handle.


Below are some of the suggestions which you should consider to maintain your automobile:


1. Check the alignment of the wheels regularly
Check the wheel alignment of your car at regular intervals of time. This will not only help you save on tires but can also give you a safe drive. Regular wheel alignment can also help you boost the gas mileage of your vehicle.


2. Maintain your brake
If the brake pads look worn out, or a grinding or screeching sound is produced when brakes are applied, you should get this checked by a professional technician. Moreover, the slower response time of brakes and your car pulling to one side after applying brakes can also be a matter of concern. Therefore, it’s recommended to maintain and service your brakes periodically.


3. Get your vehicle inspected before the winters
Winter can be harsh, but preparing your vehicle for the season, can keep it in better condition. Certain simple steps such as oil change, inspecting the battery, putting winter tires, maintaining an adequate antifreeze level, examining the belts and hoses of the car, replacing wiper blades annually, can keep your car going in the winters as well.


For more tips and tricks to take care of your automobile, contact us. We will be glad to be at your service.

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