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Suspension Repair Services in Calgary SE

Roads in Alberta can affect the suspension of your vehicle, especially during the winters. Due to often use of your vehicles the suspension components might wear and tear or even break. This might be dangerous, as a proper suspension system of the vehicle ensures a smooth, safe and stable ride. If you need to check the suspension of your automobile, get in touch with the professionals - JVW Auto Repair. We provide a suspension repair service in Calgary SE.


If you can detect early warning signs of your vehicle, you can save a lot of money on costly repairs, as well as keep your passengers safe. If you notice certain signs in your vehicle such as wiggling wheels, tendency to pull to the side, dips or bounces after going a bump, non-responsive steering wheel, wanders back and forth, steering wheel is slipping, or it produces high-pitched noises when steering at low speeds, then you should definitely get your suspension checked.


Our team of professional technicians can diagnose a broad range of steering and suspension problems, along with providing the required repair services and solutions for them. We can give a complete inspection of the suspension system to ensure that your truck, SUV or car is at its optimal performance. We offer to service of the following components:

4x4 suspension

Coil springs

CV joints

Hub units

Independent rear suspensions

Inner and outer tie rods

Leaf spring suspensions

New suspensions

Power steering

Rack and pinion

Rear suspensions

Shock absorbers

Suspension arms

Suspension ball joints

Suspension bushings

Suspension installation

Suspension replacement

Suspension springs

Suspension struts

To get your suspension repaired, or for any other auto service, contact JVW Auto Repair.


Reach us to get your suspension repaired for a smooth and safe ride.

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