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Wheel Alignment Services in Calgary SE

To find whether your vehicle is aligned or not, you can check its tires. If the tires of your car have worn out, especially on the outer part of certain tires, then you should make sure to get the wheel alignment of the car checked. When you want to check the wheel alignment of the car in Calgary SE, get in touch with JVW Auto Repair.


Below are some more of the warning signs which can suggest that your car needs a wheel alignment:

The steering wheel is not in the centre position even if you are driving straight
You feel steering wheel vibrations
Despite driving straight your vehicle drifts to the side

Even though you do not notice these indications, you should check the manual to see how frequently the vehicle alignment needs to be checked.


The word ‘alignment’ refers more to the suspension of your car or truck, rather than its wheels. The frequent use of your vehicle can affect the springs and suspension. A minor accident can make the vehicle misaligned, and lead to the wheels sit at improper angles. This, in turn, can also reduce the responsiveness of the vehicle and you may have difficulty steering. Making the alignment right of your vehicle will restore the balance of the suspension and wheels of your vehicle, along with making your drive safe.


When the suspension of your vehicle is properly aligned, the steering components and the tires are prone to less wear and tear. Tires are pricy, which can cost $100 or more per tire. Regularly checking the alignment of your vehicle will cost you between $50 to $ 100. Therefore, aligning your vehicle regularly is one of the effective ways to lessen your maintenance cost, as well as ensuring that you are safe on the road. And as proper alignment reduces resistance, you also get better gas mileage.


To learn more about the alignment of your car or truck, contact us.


Visit us for a routine check of your vehicle’s wheel alignment.

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